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Garden Of The Two Worlds

Dream World: Halfway point between worlds of the living and dead

Running through a maze...she could not find him. He had to be somewhere...but he was slipping away...if she didn't catch up, he would disappear completely.

Wait...Han wasn't gone...he was in the center of the maze. She could hear him...

"Leia? Where are you?"

Why was he calling for her? Had she somehow entered into this region of the dreamworld? But where was this place?

Nalieza pulled herself out, leaving her dream body below to get a wider view of the surroundings.

It was a garden. Large, circular, with many trees sitting at the edges. Flowers glittered and floated aloft, intertwining with gracevines to form a canopy over the area. At the north and south ends of the garden stood the gleaming white statues of the Two Sisters, Hope and Compassion. In the sky, she could see night and day blending together; morning and evening meeting in one place.

This place felt familiar...she thought back...reached deep into her memories...yes, she was here once...this was a meeting place...a garden between the worlds of life and death. Beings could come here and let each other know they still cared...still remembered...still loved.


Nalieza dropped back into her body. She started to run again...then stopped. No, this wasn't necessary. She closed her eyes, and reached out her hand. To move through this maze, one could simply think...her body dissolved, and ascended...floated like smoke...and moved towards him.

Han was running towards the left side...then he turned abruptly and moved over to the other side. Nalieza descended behind him, and grabbed his wrist. "Stop," she said in a low voice.
He stared right past her. "Where is she?"

"What are you talking about? Did you actually see her?"

"I did." He hesitated. "Or I thought I did."

"If you did, then we can find her."

"I don't know...she was there one minute...she had her back to me...I tried to touch her." Han reached out his hand into the empty air. "But she faded away. Like a ghost."

"Come on, maybe we can find her again."

He did not move. "I thought she was here...But she isn't." He looked at her this time. "Is she?"

"Maybe she was here." She took his hand. "This place is where a dreaming spirit comes to seek their departed loved ones." "It might be possible for someone to pass through here when they aren't totally connected to life."

A shape flittered by them and flew up above their heads. A small golden circle...a perfect light...to guide them?

"You're lost..." the circle transformed into a star "...and she's lost. The both of you have been trying to find each other."

The star took off like an arrow, headed towards the horizon, over to a dark plain in the far off distance.

"We're going to leave now," she told him. "Hold on."

She closed her eyes, and felt the fading away begin...Head out towards the plain...Follow the star.

She stopped fading.

"What the..." her eyes opened, and they were still standing in the garden.

"She's not here." Han pulled away with a sudden jerk and ran back into the maze.

"Stop! She's over..."Nalieza dissolved and moved over the area.

He was running...moving farther away...

"Come back," she whispered.

He stopped. "There's no point. It's over." His voice echoed, even though his interior tone was quiet.

She descended to the ground, right in front of him. "Don't say that." She reached out towards his hand, but he pulled back.

"I've had enough of this," he said, turning away from her.

"If you keep running, I'll keep finding you, Solo."

"Why? There's no point anymore. It's over."

She moved towards him again. He stepped away, backwards, into the shadows that began to emerge from behind him on the path.

"I can't keep believing."

"Han, don't give up." Nalieza took a step forward.

"Do you know what it's like?" His voice was quiet. "Waiting for somebody to come and get me out of here. Seeing my life, over and over...everything..." his words became a whisper. "Being trapped. Not able to do anything...time passing...and I'm not going anywhere..." The shadows gathered around him, flowing down over his shoulders, and drifted down over his face.

"I'm not giving up on you!" she yelled, reaching out to pull him from the encroaching shadows.

She fell forward, her hand grasping empty air...the garden dissipated...the ground beneath her gave way...and she was pulled backwards.

"No, no!" Her cry echoed like a mocking demon as she fell back into the physical world.

The words stayed in her mind long after she was forced awake.

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