ysonesse: (pic#1456599)

Dream World: Cloud City

She saw a chamber...and there was a woman, dressed in white, with grief and pain cast upon her face. And the man...his wrists were bound with manacles. He was standing on some kind of platform...staring across at the small figure of the woman.

Damned stormtroopers ripped me away before I could tell her... All of this time, I wanted to say the words..."I love you"... She said it!..."I know"...that's all I could tell her?...I wanted to say more!

But there was no time to say anything else...

Now the man was descending into some kind of pit...there was a loud sound...and then...the heavy cold...pouring down and down without end...

Why can't I push it away!

He was taken into total darkness…and then came awareness…

Can't breathe...Why!...Wait…I’m trapped...in the carbonite… I can feel it! How do I stop this? What do I… hide from it…run away…find a deeper place...it’ll be safe there…I won't have to know that I’m in here…hurry, go into the dark…

He slipped away into oblivion.

Real World: Aeithera

She was falling...out of the sky, out of another plane... there was the sudden sensation of landing back in her body…then dim blue light and blackness. And the sound of her rapid breathing.

Nalieza closed her eyes, and opened them again. The same combination of blue light from her wall lamp and darkness from outside confirmed that she was in her bed, and it was the middle of the night.

So it was only a nightmare.

Then how come her heart was beating so fast? Could a phantasm from the abyssal mind strike so much fear into her?

She doubted that was possible.

She needed to collect her thoughts, and try to gain some perspective on what had just happened. Maybe drinking something and spending time sitting on the porch would clear her head so she could get back to sleep.

She got out of bed and shuffled through the living room into the kitchen.

With an open palm, Nalieza lightly pressed the illumination panel on the wall. The overhead light came on. Then she started towards the cupboard...

...the pain, sudden and sharp, ran through her chest. As if someone had ripped out her heart.

It had not been a dream. Or even a nightmare. It was...real.

What had happened to this man? He seemed to know about being frozen in carbonite...wait...What? No. That couldn’t be true. That was too…horrifying. No, no, absolutely not. It didn’t happen.

But what if…he had been…in carbonite? If that were true, then was he even alive?

And who was he?

None of it made any sense.