Apr. 4th, 2011 06:34 pm
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Thanatorosa is the dark region, the space where all souls are condemned to forget the lives and places left behind…once a soul enters Thanatorosa, he/she is usually torn asunder, conscious and unconscious, split into two halves. The condemned unconscious halves are trapped in Thanatorosa, with nothing left but eternal wanderings. Most souls are transported to a never ending vale of misery called The Ash Valley.

The Ash Valley
This place is the bleak eternal holding space for the unconscious ghosts

The condemned unconscious wander along the shores of a lake called Bittersweet Dark. The water is brackish, and has a perpetual fog hanging just above the surface.

High mountains made of black dust surround the valley and lake

The sky is pitch black, devoid of any illumination

Dark, matted grass covers the valley

The landscape is dotted with twisted, dead grey trees; clusters of forests loom high over the vista, settled atop the mountains like gnarled phantoms

There is a guardian of the valley called “The Mistress”: her body is a twisting mass of dark mist that whirls through the air, swims across the ground, and changes her shape according to whim. Her voice is made of softness and sadness.

The White Heart Abyss
A chamber filled with brilliant, glowing white light; the light is overwhelming, blinding a deep, bright abyss

In this place, a condemned soul is forced to endure visions of their life; the souls in the White Heart Abyss remember everything

“The Keeper” is a guardian figure like her sister in the Ash Valley, but not gifted with benevolence. She is both ethereal and poisonous. Her appearance: raven haired, with a pallid mask of translucent ivory skin, delicately boned, small in height. Her fingers are crafted from brittle glass, with nails like daggers that pierce flesh.  Her lips are frosted with ice crystals. Her hands are death-cold. [This visage is a disguise; her true appearance is a beam of light, sapphire blue. Her favorite torture technique is transforming into a loved one of whichever soul is subjected to her “ministrations”].