Apr. 3rd, 2011 06:34 pm
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The “land of perpetual twilight”, the land of good souls cleft in two (“cleft and bereft” as the saying goes ‘round that way), where souls struggle to maintain their identities while searching for ways back home to the real world.

Ysonesse is a strange place, because it’s a hodgepodge vista which is both urban and pastoral. created by the collective unconscious of the inhabitants. The urban half is composed of buildings both small and tall, a hybrid of early 20th century New York and present-day Anycity. (Most of the Unfortunates arrived in The Realms between 1927 and 2012). The capital is dominated by skyscrapers, brownstones and brick row homes…but there are sections like the Agora (a recreation of the ancient Greek shopping area), and Futura (a futuristic cluster in the far northern section) [Jacob Nile keeps a loft apartment in Futura that is modeled after Rick Deckard’s apartment in Blade Runner].

The premier entertainment venue is called Nowhere, home to The Abyss Cabaret, and the Ruler of Ceremonies, Nona (a being who possesses nine identities borrowed from various inhabitants, can take on any of these identities at will).

Sometimes the sky in Ysonesse appears blue: midnight blue, electric blue, royal blue, Caribbean blue, all shades of blue imaginable. The light turns watery, wavy; the deepest blue skies occur when the light is particularly shimmery, as if the citizens of Ysonesse are underwater looking up toward the surface.

Eustace St. Cyr’s retreat in a low valley of green which lies past the city borders of Ysonesse.

Typical dinner at Tacheron: Sitting under bougainvillea accompanied by a string quartet. Fairy lights and a huge orange sun painted on white glass sit behind the diners