The Realms

Apr. 2nd, 2011 06:31 pm
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A shadowy otherworld that is an ongoing battleground between light and dark mages. The Summoner has been The Realms’ version of God ever since its creation. Many Unfortunates have been pulled into his world under celestial glass for experimentation. Every person brought into this place has some magical ability, even though most of them don’t know they possess any magical powers. Everyone discovers they have various magical abilities within The Realms’ confines; warping reality becomes a means of survival and diversion. Anyone who becomes a “citizen” realizes they are engaged in a daily trial of strength and sanity, because The Summoner and his minions cast spells which force the “citizens” to use counter-magic against the dark mages. The Good have created a buffer zone for Ysonesse and The Garden, which doesn’t stop The Bads from pressing upon those comfortable boundaries and forcing random chaos into their little corner.

All those who "reside" in The Realms are blessed [in a subjective fashion] with eternal youth and will remain forever young until they leave Ysonesse/Thanatorosa

A swirling blue miasma surrounds The Realms, and separates this alternate universe from the real world

The Realms’ geography is laid out in equal sized halves, although the size of Thanatorosa often expands at random, infringing upon Ysonesse’s borders.  In between The Realms lies The Garden of the Realms, a halfway meeting space for the lonely good souls…

Both places are two sides of the metaphorical coin, representing darkness and light contained within a far distant alternate universe.