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Full name: James William Alexander Levine Kennan, Viscount Nevis

Birthplace/Birth date: Nevis Hall, Lockborough, Cumbria, England; April 8, 1982

Height: 5”9

Physical Description: Light brown hair with blond and red undertones. Bright blue eyes. Impish smile. Husky build (thick through the chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms).

Prefers jeans and T-shirts; button-down dress shirts, usually paired with jeans, for informal dates.

Family: Only son of a British aristocrat (William Kennan, the 16th Earl) and his American wife (Chaya Levine); one half-sister (Marcella Lucia Aurora Vespucci Kennan, the product of his father's first marriage to Giovanna Vespucci; born March 5, 1973)

Jamie has two nephews and one niece, the children of Marcella and her husband Sean Fitzhugh. Her sons are in line for the Lockborough earldom, and could very well become Earl(s) if Jamie decides to give up his inheritance.

(His mother arrived in London in 1978 three months after she graduated from college. She met William, and they eventually married in 1981). [Jamie is a US citizen through his mother, since she was born in Chicago and lived in New York until she was twenty-two]

Receives occasional financial contributions from his father (Jamie would prefer to receive nothing and pull his own weight in the US, but taking the money keeps his parents happy)

Background: Graduated from Oxford (Merton College) with a 2nd Class BA Honours in History (2:1). Then he bounced around Greece, Spain, and Morocco before coming to America

Co-owner of The Unicorn and Rose, a pub in Harbor Neck

The first major heartbreak of Jamie’s life was the relationship and breakup with Gwen Leland. He dated other girls in England, but Gwen was his first all-encompassing love. But she hated commitment, and wasn’t comfortable with being intimate with another person. So Gwen broke up with Jamie by text, and when he came back to their apartment after work, her stuff was gone…

Personality: Feels uncomfortable coming from aristocratic privilege

Enthusiastic about life

Flirtatious, but not a womanizer

Impulsive on the right occasions

Defines himself as “agnatheist” (he believes in a Creator, but not any specific deity)

Loves blintzes, especially the cherry kind

Dislikes formality

Has a quick and wry sense of humor

Finds the concept of “the journey” interesting; particularly fascinated by the medieval concept of the pilgrimage

Desires to have an equal partnership with a woman, and a comfortable home environment

Place of residence: Has a Berber carpet hung up on his living room wall instead of the floor because it’s huge

The apartment is decorated with strings of blue Christmas lights round the windows, prints of French Art Nouveau advertisements, an old sea chest filled with DVD’s, and four wooden wine crates stuffed with books (medieval history, Fodor’s Travel Guides, etc.)