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(First appeared on Runaway Tales:  Pink Lemonade #3)

Note: A crossover piece from Maybe December, but it's also the piece that inspired this series

From The Future Book, Sunday, April 9, 2011:

Hi, kidlet! Yep, another bunch of rambling from your Mom. I was a giant strawberry wearing red heart sunglasses today.  Your Pops pulled off the Top Gun shades, and I had these big red heart ones; we looked crazy, but we don’t care about normal (hopefully you never will either).

I had a great afternoon (your poor Dad, not so much), because we finally met your aunt’s new boyfriend. I’ve wanted to meet Auntie Allyson’s guy ever since they met back in December. She mentioned another date with Mr. Mysterious today, so I decided to arrange some “accidental” run-in after your Dad picked me up; we already needed to run a few errands for some more baby stuff (you kids need a lot before you come along!).

Even though I had a rough idea about your aunt’s plans, it didn’t make waddling around looking for her and Jamie any easier. Finally we stumbled across your aunt waiting outside Jamie’s pub. I would have liked a sneak attack, but she was facing in our direction; how could a pregnant strawberry sneak up on anybody?

Well, she saw me and your father, so now I’ll switch to dialogue mode:

(Allyson) “What are you two doing─”

(Me) “I could ask why there’s a pub right behind you.”

(Allyson) “I’m just waiting for someone.”

(Me) “Oh, Mr. Mysterious.”

(Now your father joined the conversation). “It was her idea.” (Of course he pointed at me…)

(Allyson) “You’re being sneaky.”

(Me) “Just like always─”

I was interrupted when the man of the afternoon came out from the pub. Finally, my sister’s new boyfriend in person!

(Jamie) “You’re Kelly.”

(Me) “The strawberry Buddha at your service.”

(Your father) “I’m the strawberry Buddha’s husband.”  (Then he went into handshake mode, which is cute…)

Final verdict: your aunt’s new guy is FANTASTIC!!! I don’t know if anything will happen past right now between your aunt and Jamie, but I’m still going to mention whatever they’re doing just in case they get married. If/when they ever break up, then I’ll probably get rid of this entry…maybe not. Life happens, and I’m writing down everything (good and bad), so you can know about your family. Hey, time reveals everything, so we can only hope you get a future uncle-in-law. (But if time travel’s been invented when you read this, maybe you could slide backwards a few years and let me know what happens!).”