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(First appeared on Runaway Tales:  Pickle #3)

April 25 2011:

“Remember we have ‘Grace’ for the middle name. Any first names have to sound good with it.” So began yet another session of “Pick Your Baby’s Name” with Daddy-C (your father). Tonight we focused on choosing the best names since we know you’re going to be our daughter.

The process continued after dinner. Your father sat across the room, allowing me space on Super Couch (a big lounger thing his college buddies donated from their old bachelor place). He pulled up our list of girls’ names on the laptop, set it down on our coffee table, and started reciting: “Ada, Ava, Ana, Eva, Ena, Zoe”. We decided on three letter names because you’ll have four names (first, middle, my last name, then your father’s).

“You go first,” said your father.




“How about ‘Ana’?”

“Kind of flat.”

“ ‘Ava’?”

“It’s really popular.”

“You don’t want our daughter to be popular?”

“If she wants to be popular, not just because of her name.”

“So ‘Millicent Oleander Fluffernutter Darling Smith’ isn’t up for consideration?” Okay, your Dad can be silly… right now, you’re probably curious why I didn’t want to give you a popular name. Let me use history to give you some understanding: back when your Aunt Allyson was in school, there were always three other girls in her class with the same first name (but they had “I” instead of “Y”; her version was cool). My name is way too common (but it does have that super awesome “Y”!).  Daddy has a name that always stands out; your grandparental units are sailors and love the Virgin Islands, so they called him “Croix” (it’s French, but we pronounce it “Croy”…yeah, weird).

“What about ‘Ena’?”

 “If our daughter winds up marrying Spanish royalty it might work.”

“No good?”

“It doesn’t feel like our kidlet’s name.”

“Fine. The next candidate happens to be ‘Eva’.”

“It’s pretty.”

“And looks really good paired with ‘Grace’.”

“So it’s our first choice?”

“You’re forgetting my top candidate: ‘Zoe’.” Right here is when you decided to add your opinion by doing a triple back flip, which I guess meant you liked that name, or both of them.

“I like ‘Eva’ for obvious reasons.” Daddy-C plopped the laptop on the coffee table, then got up and joined me on Super Couch.

“Yeah, it’s ancestral.” “Eva Palmer” was a famous Boston debutante in the middle 1800’s; from the 19th century until now, there has been one female member of the Palmer clan who’s carried that name in each generation. “Plus it does look elegant paired with ‘Grace’ ”.

“‘Zoe’ is also nice.”

“I’ve always liked the way it sounds, and what it means.” Life is a great concept, right?

“Now it’s only two front runners.”

“Do you think we’ll make the final decision before she arrives?”

“Probably not.”

“Maybe we should just call her ‘Fluffernutter’ then…”