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(First posted on Runaway Tales:  Pickle #2)

May 5, 2011

“Here’s another dress.” It was ninety minutes after the baby shower, and there were already twenty pink things: clothes, toys, diapers. Sitting on your aunt’s couch with pink, pinker, and pinkest stuff really gives your poor mother a headache. Maybe we never should have allowed the doctor to let us know you were definitely a girl.

“I can’t imagine putting her into this outfit.” I dropped the offending garment on Auntie Allyson’s couch. A pile of dresses and onesies were bundled on my lap, getting wrinkled…yeah, I’m sending off more than a few of these to Goodwill…although maybe I should keep them around for spare outfits when the better stuff is dirty and we’re behind on laundry. “How come people won’t give things in different colors until the kid shows any preference?”

“Have you noticed there aren’t many options in the stores?”

“I’ve only been to one Babies R’Us. It was freaky.”

“You know it doesn’t matter what color she wears?” Your aunt used to be that girl on the playground, jumping off the monkey bars and wearing a tutu…a nice balance, unlike me, the stubborn tomboy (always rocking the Chuck Taylors, even when your grandmother forced me into dresses). Was it really easier when your aunt and I were kids? It was pretty normal kids of both sexes in our circle to play with dolls and trucks (hey, I had a green lightsaber!). I have no idea what’s happened, but I don’t like forcing you into a stereotype.

I tossed all those pink whatevers into a duly appointed balloon printed tote bag. “Having one color for Eva puts a big clamp on her options. Girls aren’t getting much opportunity for self-expression if everyone’s pushing stuff on them.”

“Times change.”

“That doesn’t mean I have to go along with the stupid.”

“Maybe it’s not such a big deal. Babies don’t care about what colors mean.”

“But mothers care one way or another. I really dislike any color that gets farted by unicorns.”

Your aunt laughed, because that was a dumb comment.  Maybe I’m being really stupid about this…you’re going to be whoever you want, and you’re going to wear whatever you like. I can dress you in black/white from now until your second birthday…then you might go sparkle fairy and wear pink/purple with glitter until you hit kindergarten. You are going to be a different person than your mother. Yeah, that’s inevitable. So I’ll keep the pink stuff, use it, and let things evolve…

…but I will slip a couple of pairs of Converse into your wardrobe…never know if you have a tomboy streak which might need some coaxing, right?