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(First posted on Runaway Tales:  Pickle #8)

October 21, 2011

“She’s not gonna wear a pumpkin.”

“I doubt she wants to rock the Yoda ears.”

“What’s left?”

“Putting her in clown makeup would just scare away trick-or-treaters.”

“Maybe we don’t need to dress her up.”

“The season demands otherwise.”

“But she doesn’t like wearing those ears."

“She does keep tugging them off her head.”

“Maybe she could go as herself.”

“The most original costume is yourself?”

“A baby gets more candy.”

“And the parents get all that candy."

“Without any need for costumes!”

“Or going around from house to house begging for treats.”

“Maybe we could head over to Klein Street and prowl along with all those other parents using their kids for nefarious purposes.”

“All the kids will be in costumes.”

“Yeah…of course they will.”

“Cuteness becomes a weapon all in the name of gaining advantages for the parents.”

“We’re awful, thinking about using our daughter to get candy.”

“She doesn’t have any teeth.”

“But Halloween is for kids.”

“Yet people dress up babies, dogs, cats, birds, even horses, all because of the cute factor.”

“Using your kids for attention is worse than using them for candy.”

“We have to set a good example for Eva.”

“She doesn’t worry about her parents’ eating habits. And she’s way too young for us to stress about being role models.”

“That comes later.”

“Maybe we could put on costumes, go with Eva, do Spook or Treat, then satisfy our greed.”

“We don’t have any costumes.”

“I could scare up some ten gallon hats and glittery fabric. Maybe we could be sparkly vampire cowboys.”

“Dear God, no, no.”

“Alien cowboys. Family style.”

“Only if nobody has to wear Yoda ears.”