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Full name: Allyson Renee Randolph

Birthplace/Birth date: Harbor Neck, {Mid-Atlantic State}, USA/July 11, 1975

Height: 5”3

Physical Description: Black hair, pale skin, blue-grey eyes, lean body

Prefers loose-fitting clothes, usually in black, paired with the omnipresent ballet flats. Doesn’t wear makeup or dresses except for special occasions.

Family: Oldest daughter of a Comparative Religions professor (Michael) and his homemaker/wife (Daphne); one younger sister (Kelly, born September 24, 1984)

Grew up in typical upper-middle class neighborhood; her mother became a housewife after giving birth to Kelly (Daphne worked odd jobs for years until then, and eventually went back to work as office manager for a psychiatrist)

Attends Sunday brunch every week at her parents’ house, despite the fact it’s always tense because of their dissolving marriage

Background: Gained her English degree at Harbor Neck University

Works two jobs: by day, legal administrative assistant; by night, yoga instructor

Had two prior relationships before giving up on the mess and focusing upon matters of balance in her spirit (her last boyfriend, Brian Walsh, left because Allyson didn’t want kids)

Personality: Enjoys odd philosophical debates

Rarely drinks alcohol

Feels like many dreams remain unfulfilled

Veers between lack of self-consciousness and terror about getting older

Prefers the straightforward approach when dealing with people (in matters of romance, she hates flirting)

Manages to convey the aura of belonging to another world, yet exists within reality

Looking for a higher purpose in life

Loves tea (hot instead of cold), and will spend hours going through boxes and packets of different teas

Lives a weirdly balanced life that veers between mediocrity and tension

Very cautious about making important decisions

Is a puzzle, especially to herself

Place of residence: Lives in a studio apartment crammed with plastic storage boxes (contains books on art history, English literature, etc. and Technicolor ballet flats), furnished in minimal fashion with some antiques from the 50’s and 70’s