ysonesse: (Default)
A connecting space between Ysonesse and Thanatorosa. Its function: the only place where those waylaid in Ysonesse can bask under full sunlight.

A circular maze with different kinds of trees settled along the borders. Flowers glitter and float aloft, intertwined with grace vines which form a canopy over the garden. At the north and south ends, twin statues look down upon the garden; these gleaming white marble sisters are called Hope and Compassion.

Golden orbs provide illumination for those occasions when the denizens of the garden decide to partake of artificial night skies under the fake full moons called Lassarine and Roisine.

Four entrances provide access to the garden: arched gates surrounded by clusters of green leaves, with red and white roses interwoven through black iron trellises

Blood red flowers fill the greenery maze walls, throughout every winding path of the garden labyrinth

At the garden’s heart is a fountain: an oval pool of water which gleams under the sun and five indigo light orbs set atop high on polished black bars that float around the garden

A khamsin tree stands next to the fountain, with fuchsia, white, and turquoise petals which float down onto the water’s top surface, pushed along by four sprays at the middle of the fountain which regularly trickles and bubbles, creating small ripples that spread outward, gathering khamsin petals together and bouncing them like boats on a lake.