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“The Split” is a process that occurs gradually after one’s arrival into The Realms. Tearing apart a soul is the division of spirit, mind, and (metaphorical) heart. The split creates multiple personalities imbued with characteristics from the original person: these new individuals are unique, and not usually connected to the original person…unless these identities are absorbed back into their source. That can occur only if the OP can perform the ritual designed to unite the personalities; there have been no known successful completions of the ritual.

The four individual personalities usually created are the following:

1.    The original person
2.    The spirit person
3.    The mind person
4.    The heart person

The original person retains their body and memories (or impressions of memories); it can be difficult for the OP to distinguish between true memories and the memory’s ghost.

The spirit person develops a strong intelligence, a detached logic, with a limited set of emotional responses (like a Replicant from Blade Runner).

The mind person is a fragment of the spirit person, composed of pure intellect and no feelings, but can access the OP’s memories for constant analysis.

The heart person is the unconscious/soul, possessing heightened emotions (particularly love, hate, lust, and grief). They exist in automatic emotional based patterns, the patterns of attitudes held by the OP becomes amplified (for example, the heart person will become hyper-opinionated).

The replication of an original person’s emotions, thoughts, and memories dilutes the strength of the OP’s emotions. Several original persons actually become amnesiac, lose one or more emotions, and have gaps in their critical thinking skills.

Many Unfortunates try keeping intact (i.e. avoiding soul splitting) by having charmed tattoos inked into their skin…some daring folk go one step further and have a magical protection symbol branded into their skin. While the flesh charms usually succeed in keeping heart/mind/soul within the OP’s body, the biggest drawback is the complete hyperawareness of their predicament. An imbalance on the psychological/spiritual level is created. Some Unfortunates cast a “forgetting spell” upon themselves to eliminate this imbalance; this spell obliterates all essential memories/emotions save for magical aptitude. Occasionally, the spell completely wipes out the spellcaster’s mind, creating an empty physical shell that doesn’t breathe or think or move. But a skilled spellcaster retains their capacity for magical manipulation without the complicated side effects of traumatic emotions and memories.